We Deliver Expert Oriental Rug Restoration Services

There are so many rugs out there these days, and that shouldn't come as a surprise considering rugs and carpets have been around for thousands of years. Some of the most sought after rugs these days are oriental rugs, and these rugs have been popular for a long time. These rugs look great in both homes and businesses.
When an oriental rug is brand new, it is visually appealing, odor-free, and soft. But as time goes on, an oriental rug will lose these appealing qualities, and eventually it will start to look dirty and not like the rug you once loved. When this happens, this doesn't mean that your rug is destined for the trash.
No, all that's needed is rug restoration work. We have been providing this service for years, and these days we are not only preferred because we are first-rate NJ oriental rug cleaners; we’re also preferred because we do first-rate rug restoration work. When you get your rugs back from us, they will be sturdy, sanitary, and visually appealing again. Here are the rug restoration services we provide now:


When It’s Time To Get Rug Recoloring

When you need help with rug recoloring, we will be there for you. Rug recoloring is a rug restoration service that we deliver often, and this is usually sought by oriental rug owners who are noticing their rugs fade. We reverse the fading process and make your rugs look vibrant again. You'll have peace of mind when you get recoloring done by us, as we ensure that the rug dye never runs. We also keep your rug’s unique pattern intact. We perform recoloring quickly and for an affordable price.

Rug Reweaving And When It Is Needed

Rug reweaving is another rug restoration service that we are often asked to perform by oriental rug owners. When your rug begins to unravel, this can be quite unfortunate. You should never ingnore a rug that is unraveling. You should immediately take care of it, as unraveling will only get worse the longer it is not taken care of. Reweaving will stop the unraveling and make your rug look perfect again.

The Benefits Of Professional Rug Binding

A much-preferred service, rug binding can save you from putting a beloved rug out in the trash. We bind your rug with either binding tape or a special sewing machine. We always pursue the binding method that is best for your rug. When we're done with binding, your rug will be sturdy for years to come.

When Rug Fringing Can Be Helpful

You should choose us when you need rug fringing. Our rug fringing service is preferred because it's affordable and efficient. Also, you won't be without your rug for a long time. The rug’s fringe is the most important part, and some call it the rug’s backbone. When this deteriorates, the rest of the rug will be at risk. We stop the deterioration to ensure your rug is secure. You won't need fringing for years, if ever again.